Masaru Kohno (Japan)
1969 Model 5, Spruce / Indian Rosewood 6-String Guitar

Updated:7/4/2006 -- SOLD: USA $1,900 (see Ebay ad). Courtesy of Early Musical | email












































A great early Kohno Guitar bearing the original label: Masaru Kohno, Luthier, Nishiikebukuro 5-27, Toshima, Tokio, Japon, No. 5, 1969.

Solid spruce top with lots of dings and scratches, solid rosewood back and sides with scratches and dings and playing wear in lacquer, good perfect straight neck with ebony fingerboard and good frets, small crack at the end of the fingerboard (see picture), machine heads might not be original, scale 66 cm, nut 5.3 cm.

The guitar is very fast and easy to play. Comes with original hard shell case in average condition.

USA $1,900 -- SOLD

Please email the seller for more info.

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