Multi-String Guitar Luthiers
An international directory of multi-string guitar luthiers

Updated: 3/20/2008


DiCarlo, Rich 7/8-String luthier in Massapequa Park, NY, USA
DeCava, Jim 10-String luthier in Stratford, CT, USA
Elliott, Jeff Muiti-string luthier in Portland, OR, USA
Gamble, Arnie 10-String luthier in Sacramento, California
Hippner, Darren 8- and 10-Sring Guitars from Pt. Roberts, USA
Hernandez, Augustine 8-string builder in Mexico
Laskin, William 10-String luthier in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
McBroom, Michael Ten-String luthier in Houston, Texas (USA)
Nunez, Lucio 10-string luthier in San Antonio, Texas, USA
Oribe, Jose Ten String luthier in Vista, CA, USA
Thames, Michael 10-String luthier in Taos, New Mexico, USA


Yacopi, José 10-String luthier in Argentina. Contact Fernando Yacopi for info


ADR Guitars 10-String luthier in Stockholm, Sweden
Bernabe, Paulino
Ten String luthier in Madrid, Spain
Bolin, Georg 10-String luthier in Sweden
Burguet, Amalio Ten String luthier in Valencia, Spain
Chiavi, Ermanno 10- 13-String guitar luthier in Zurich, Switzerland
Cucculelli, Rodolfo Classic, Flamenco, 8, 10, 11 strings guitars, Italy
Eichert, Thomas Ten String luthier in Germany
Kresse, Bernhard Maker of 19th C. guitar reproductions, Germany
LIIKANEN Guitars Ten String luthier in Helsinki, Finland
Manson, Andy Ten String / Multi-neck luthier from Devon, England
Ramirez, Jose III 10-String luthier in Madrid, Spain
Sedgwick, Stephen Multi-string luthier in Kent, England
Stenzel. Sebastian Ten String luthier from Munich, Germany (7,200eu)
Wichmann, Michael Ten String luthier in Hamburg, Germany


Maingard, Marc 10-string luthier near Cape Town, South Africa


Howell, Richard Multi-String luthier in Mornington, Victoria (Australia)
Locke, Jeremy Ten String luthier in Australia
Redgate, Jim 8-String luthier in Australia
Sheridan, Paul 10-string builder in Perth, Australia

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