Rodolfo Cucculelli (Italy)
2002 Alerce Patagonico / East Indian Rosewood 11-String Terz Guitar

Please email Rodolfo Cucculelli for more information.



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Scale lenght: 1st to 7th string: 55,05 cm.
Overall lenght: 92 cm.
"Plantilla": R. Cucculelli.
Top: Alerce Patagonico (Fitzroya Cupressoides).
The rosette is oval, handmade, with mother of pearl figures inlaid in a black ebony mastic.
Soundbox measures, lenght: 41,3 cm.
upper bout: 25,7 cm.
waist: 21 cm.
lower bout: 35 cm.
soundboard depht: 98 mm, 105 mm.
Bridge: Wenge (Milletia Laurentii)
Strings spacing 1st to 11st string: 11,6 cm.
Saddle: Bone.
Back and sides: Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia).
Purfling: American Oak.
Neck: "Cedro de Oran", (Cedrela Balansae), with two truss rod.
Neck thickness at nut: 17 mm.
at 11th fret: 19 mm.
Nuts: Bone.
Strings spacing at nut 1st to 11th: 80 mm.
Fingerboard: Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra)
Wide of the fretboard at nut: 89 mm.
at 12th fret: 109 mm.
Total frets: 28. Nickel, tall, narrows.
Varnish: Shellac.

For more info, please email Rodolfo Cucculelli, luthier.

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