Rodolfo Cucculelli (Italy)
2004 Italian Spruce / East Indian Rosewood 10-String Guitar

Please email Rodolfo Cucculelli for more information.



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Italian Spruce top, with an oval rosette made with mother of pearl pieces inlaid in a black Ebony mastic. Back and sides: Indian Rosewood, the back is bookmatched with a flamed-maple center strip.
Neck: Honduran Cedar and Indian Rosewood reinforcing strips; provided with two truss rods (accesible from the soundhole) to control the fingerboard profile and the action of the strings over the frets.

Tuning machines: Schaller (Hauser model).
Fretboard: Ebony.
Neck thickness: 18 mm (1st fret) / 19 mm (11 th fret).
Bridge: African Wenge.
String length: 65 cm.

For more info, please email Rodolfo Cucculelli, luthier.

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