Bartolex (Spain/China)
2008 Swiss Spruce / Indian Rosewood 10-String Guitar


New Bartolex 10-String Prototype: Lattice/Spruce

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on a new Bartolex 10-string guitar prototype, which is a lattice-braced, Swiss spruce top, and my version has a cutaway and BBand electronics. I'll be doing full review of it on Cathedral Guitar, but for now, the early verdict is that it has both an amazing acoustic and amplified sound, top build quality, and is a phenomenal value at $1799 list.

Here is a MP3 clip of it through Schoeps / Millennia:


For me, this is the perfect gigging guitar. I play about 100 gigs a year on the 10-string, and it makes no sense to bring out a concert guitar to local gigs that would cost $20,000 to replace. The Bartolex has an acoustic sound that rivals, equals or betters guitars costing between $4,000 to 6,000, and the amplified sound is perhaps even more wonderful.

The quality of the materials is amazing. I took it over to show my local luthier, Dick Dubios, who has worked at Collings guitars (a pretty high-end acoustic guitar company) for the last 15 years, and without any prompting from me he said: "the quality of this Swiss spruce is stunning" and then, "I can't believe someone can make a guitar this good for such little amount of money."

Bartolex has really done an amazing job of combining a quality Chinese artesian-workshop building crew with great materials and superb design. For me this is a personal dream come true: FINALLY, an affordable acoustic / electric that sounds great BOTH acoustically and amplified, and is easily replaceable if damaged or stolen, and hopefully, no long waiting list. I think Neris may be ramping up production later this year on this model. 
To sum up: I think it is a great guitar for either 1) a first-time 10-string player 2) a guitar to play local amplified or acoustic gigs with, and 3) a guitar for doing professional recordings with. In fact, if you have $10,000 to spend on a new 10-string guitar, I would strongly recommend spending just 1.6K of it on this new Bartolex guitar, and spending the other 8.4k on high-end pro audio gear.

I'll soon post a follow-up link with the full review, complete with photos and additional sound files.

Thanks, Bartolex!!! This guitar is nothing short of amazing.

This guitar is a 2008 lattice-braced electric-acoustic Bartolex 10-string, with BBand A6T electronics

TOP: Swiss Spruce
SCALE: 650 mm
BACK/SIDES: Indian Rosewood















































































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